We worship the Lord with words, prayer and music in a manner falling between a traditional and a blended style. We welcome you to join us.

Every Sunday

  • 8:45 a.m. - Sunday School & Bible Study
  • 10:00 a.m. - Worship Service


Visit with Us

Online.Find out the basic information about us and what we believe about the Bible and its teachings.

In person.We look forward to meeting you and if you’re considering visiting in person, you could find out what to expect. We are located on Mexico Road in O’Fallon, Missouri. Please feel free to call us for directions, if you prefer.

Ongoing Ministry


~ Welcome ~

Thank you for visiting. Whatever reason brought you to our site, we’re glad you’re here. Perhaps you’re searching for something: a church home or maybe an answer to a spiritual question. Good Shepherd church is all about people and their relationship with the Lord. In fact, here at Good Shepherd, we exist for one reason - we want to see you in heaven.

You might be asking yourself, “if they want to see me in heaven, how are they so sure that they will be in heaven?” The reason that we are sure we will be in heaven has nothing to with ourselves, our words, our actions, or anything else about us. It’s all about Jesus Christ. Because of his life, sufferings, death and resurrection from the dead, we are sure that we will be in heaven. We would like to tell you more about Jesus. He is the only way to heaven. Please contact us so that we can give you information about Jesus.